“Where every client gets 1st Class Service every time.”

Here are the services

I currently offer

Proudly Serving Cape Coral!

Hours: 10 am – 10 pm

Monday through Friday

Restaurant Delivery

Grocery Delivery

Same-Day Document Delivery

Prescription Pickup & Delivery

And more!!

Why use 1st Class Delivery?

The typical delivery apps get their money by charging the restaurant up to 30% of the value of each order for food delivery.  Then they charge the customer fees for delivery on top of that. (None of that goes to the restaurant!) The typical delivery driver working for these food delivery apps makes $3 per delivery, plus tip.

1st Class Delivery provides a local service supporting local businesses and residents. 1st Class Delivery can be used for grocery shopping, pharmacy pickups, errands, restaurant delivery, and more. You save money and you help local businesses retain their profits instead of paying the national delivery apps.

Shop local and support small businesses all year round!

•Flat rate prices ($aving$)

•No markups

*No hidden fees – You know what you’re paying.

•Same driver – every time

•Versatility – Whatever (you) the client needs. 

We Deliver Monday thru Friday 10AM to 10PM

I have been using Matthew for quite some time now and his service is an invaluable part of my business. Using Matthew has given me the ability to get things done in a more timely matter. Freeing me up to take care of things in the store. Matthew has picked up jewelry for us, delivered watches to peoples houses and all done in a timely and seamless manner. He is very attentive to not only us as customers but also to our clients that he delivers to. Matthew also gets us supplies and other shop needs so we can do the work and be in the store for our daily clients. Finding and using Matthews services has become an important part of our business model allowing us to spend more time in our store helping our clients while taking care of outside business just as well. Matthew also does shopping for us personally, performs courier services for us and is invaluable.

Bob Lanzieri, Owner of John Michael's Diamond & Jewelry

I have used Matt for deliveries twice this month after finding out about his services. He is friendly, punctual , on time and has fair prices. Highly recommend for whatever you need delivered. He seems willing and clearly capable to do just about anything you need. Bonus: support a small business in our community

Severin Jensen, Owner of Backspace Tattoo Removal

Matt is GREAT he really has been a pleasure to deal with You won’t be disappointed. To me the best vendors are the ones that do what they say they will. THATS MATT!!!

Bob Ward

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