Matt started this venture in October 2018 when he moved back to Cape Coral from Kodiak, Alaska. But he needed a job. So, the first thing that he did was buy a Toyota Prius because it was good on gas mileage. Then, since he had the car, he decided to utilize the car and serve as a rideshare service.  After spending some time driving for Uber and Lyft, Matt decided in Spring 2019 to try food delivery. This allowed him to interact with local and corporate businesses on a personal level, which he enjoyed.

In late 2020, Matt decided that he wanted to open his own business. He figured that he could help out local businesses, charge an affordable rate and take care of his drivers much better than those national services. Matt began exploring what it would take to start his own business.  He joined a networking group to meet and learn from other business owners. And in January 2021, 1St Class Delivery was launched.


Matt Sauerland was born and raised in Cape Coral. He graduated from Mariner High School in 2007.

When the market crashed in 2009, job prospects were limited, especially for a recent high school graduate. So right before his 19th birthday, Matt took off on an adventure and drove across the country to Alaska. Fishing is the lifestyle and the economy in Alaska, and it’s a tough life, but it was the change of pace he needed. 

As the market in Florida recovered from the housing crash, Matt missed his family.  So, in 2018 he moved back to Cape Coral. His parents are retired and still live here, so he helps them out as much as he can.

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